Local Program - Halifax Convention Centre

Our guests come a long way to attend events in our Halifax Convention Centre. Once they’re here, we want to inspire them to explore and discover all that Nova Scotia has to offer.

That’s why we worked with our partners to develop our Local Program, which showcases our amazing people, culture and products when we host national and international guests. 

Our Local Program features:

Local Flavour
Our award-winning convention centre culinary team infuses locally sourced flavours in every dish they create. Riverview Herbs, Acadia Maple syrup, Meadowbrook Farms sausages and Blue Harbour’s cheese are just some of the tastes served up for guests to enjoy. And of course we’ve teamed up with local wine and craft beer experts to ensure a perfect pairing with our signature dishes.

Pop-up Program
Nova Scotia is recognized internationally as an emerging culinary tourism destination and we want our guests to understand what all the hype is about. During select national and international conventions, we bring local products and flavours right to the trade show floor through our Pop-up Program – a partnership with Taste of Nova Scotia. Once guests have a sample, they’re enticed to go out and savour the full experience. 

Since the program was launched in October 2017 we have hosted 6 pop-ups to date, showcasing all that Nova Scotia has to offer to over 9,100 delegates. 

Nova Scotia Experiences
Through the Halifax Convention Centre’s website and social media platforms, we’re connecting guests to all the tools they need to plan the ultimate Nova Scotia experience before they arrive. And once they’re inside the venue, they continue to encounter breathtaking scenery through the use of state-of-the-art digital signage and exciting local adventure opportunities, inspiring them to get out and make their own memories. We’re proud to partner with Discover Halifax, Tourism Nova Scotia and others on this aspect of the Local Program. Click here for more information on our local program.